title: Cheatsheet OSINT
date: Aug 25, 2021
tags: Cheatsheet OSINT


Seach Engines 🔍️

Search Engines Description Google Dorking DB Reverse Image Search Youtube Data Viewer Meta Search Engine FTP Search Engine 1 FTP Search Engine 2 Web Connected Devices 1 Web Connected Devices 2 Web Connected Devices 3 Search username Get web archive

Website 🌐

Website Description Subdomains Enumerator Subdomains Enumerator With Server Information

Social Networks 💬

Tool Description Social Media Account Gathering (fork of Sherlock) Find registered accounts from email Check if a phone number is registered on social networks


Tool Description Twitter advanced search


Tool Description Finds facebook friends (you can be banned)


Tool Description Instagram Account Information (need access to the account) Extract phone number, mail, ID ...


Tool Description Get the date of publication of a video


Tool Description Get the email adress of the personn Find mail, phone ...


Tool Description Google account information Youtube metadata Find video from a location


Tool Description Find user account from an email

Email 📝

Email Tool Description Email gathering Check the reputation of a mail address


Tool Description DNS recon and research Whois, records, seo, alexa, DNS Blacklist site down,dns record, reverse whois, iran firewall, chinese firewall, spam db Great WHOIS monitor expired domains

Social Engineering 👥

Social Engineering Tool Description Create a quick phishing web page


Website Description Get informations about a leaked account (password, address ...) Check if an email is in a db leak
http://hackinflukyc37se.onion/LeakedPass Check username or email in data breaches.
http://xjypo5vzgmo7jca6b322dnqbsdnp3amd24ybx26x5nxbusccjkm4pwid.onion/ Check username or email in data breaches.
http://4wbwa6vcpvcr3vvf4qkhppgy56urmjcj2vagu2iqgp3z656xcmfdbiqd.onion Leak facebook (f*ck facebook)

Tempmail :e-mail:

Website Description Gmail temp mails Different domains available

Miscellaneous Tools 🔨

Misc Tools Description Use a domain to find information on multiple search engines (good ++) Domain, website, phone, ip, email, credit card checker, subdomain ... DNS, Port scan, WHOIS, Web application (CMS ..), Subdomain ... The largest open database of companies in the world Gather every OSINT tools


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