title: Writeup DamCTF 2021 - Imp3rs0nAt0r 3/3
date: Nov 08, 2021
tags: DamCTF Writeups OSINT

DamCTF2021 - Imp3rs0nAt0r-3

Amazing work figuring out who this "hacker" really is! Unfortunately, we have no leads as to what their current whereabouts could possibly be.

Can you try and deduce the address of where they are staying? Maybe you can find some vacation photos to help you out.

Submit the flag as dam{full_name_of_hotel_as_it_appears_on_google}.

Okay, so we have to find the name of the hotel where Pax Vallejo was staying. I made a quick search with his email address to see if any other social networks where linked to the email, but I found nothing.

I decided to search for his name on different social networks, found a match on twitter :


Perfect, we've got our guy, now let's dig on that twitter account !


Two really interesting on these tweets, we've got two pictures of the place where Pax Vallejo's hotel was. What if we zoom a bit more on the first one :


It's the metropolitan from London (I found it by looking at the logo on the side of the metro), what is also nice is that we have a low resolution text indicating the name of the line.

After a check of every lines on the London metropolitan, the one matching was "Circle Line"


Then, I searched for a map of the route taken by the metro. So I could have every possible location of the hotel since we clearly see on the first tweet that the Hotel is near a station.

So I started to look for stations with visible rails outside, that narrowed the field of possibilities since once in London the metropolitan is underground. When I found matching stations, I looked if there was a church nearby. Once I arrived at the "High Street Kensigton" station, bingo, all the elements are there, I just have to align them to find the exact location of the hotel.


Now let's see the name of that hotel :


Here it is, we have the final flag of that challenge serie : dam{copthorne_tara_hotel_london_kensington}