title: Writeup ESAIP CTF 2022 - Follow the white rabbit 3/4
date: Jun 04, 2022
tags: EsaipCTF2022 EsaipCTF Writeups OSINT

Follow the white rabbit 3/4

The person who posted the video seems to be a friend of agent Smith, they met in a park. We count on you to find the name of this place.
(The flag is the name of the complete park copied/pasted)
Flag ECTF{Name_of_the_park}

When we look at the youtube channel, in the about part we can find the mail adress of Kevin Larson.

Now we can use that email adress with GHunt 🕵️‍♂️ and found one google maps review associated :

ECTF{Královská obora Stromovka}or ECTF{Královská obora}