title: Writeup ESAIP CTF 2022 - Follow the white rabbit 2/4
date: Jun 04, 2022
tags: EsaipCTF2022 EsaipCTF Writeups OSINT

Follow the white rabbit 2/4

Thank you for this valuable information, according to Cypher this WiFi hotspot was also used to share a video on the internet. It is absolutely necessary that we find it, we count on you to find us the id of the video.
Flag : ECTF{id}

Now we can use YouTube Geofind in order to find a video based on it's geolocation tag since we have the position of the wifi router.

We've got that video that is matching perfectly the location of the WiFi hotspot and it's a Matrix themed video matching the CTF theme. We found it !

The flag is the id of the video so we just have to copy/paste it from the URL :