title: Writeup MidnightFlag 2021 - Back to the past 3/3
date: Apr 12, 2021
tags: MidnightFlag Writeups OSINT

MidnightFlag 2021 - Back to the past 3/3

Jacque Houzit a été licencié car il consommait du cannabis sur son lieu de travail. Le directeur du lycée le suspecte de s'être fourni sur une plaque tournante à l'étranger.

Retrouvez dans quel pays il est parti cet été.

Format : MCTF{Pays}

Attention, seulement 3 essais sont autorisés

I continue my research on the twitter profile of @LNight0w and I realize that he has only 1 subscriber who is @A4rchangel :


First interesting thing is a pinned tweet containing his gmail address:


Then going back through all his tweets I come across a travel talk with @LNight0w :


I now know that they went on vacation together and so I started to search on instagram and facebook if Gilles Parbal published pictures of his trips. Without success, I don't find any corresponding account. I think then to check if he has published a review on google maps since he was on a trip. And his mail account is a gmail account.

To do this I use the tool GHunt to save time with this task.


It found a review on google maps:


All the informations are there : travel with a friend this summer, and the country : Nepal

Here is the final flag : MCTF{Nepal}